Project Starfish America
An experiential and inclusive business opportunity platform for the blind/visually impaired
to Learn, Earn, Grow and become Employable
Enter here for the Project Starfish America presentation
Enter here for the Project Starfish America Racing Games presentation
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Enter here for a list of International phone numbers
Enter here for instructions on how to get started withvideos for job seekers
Enter here to listen to the 60 Minute 2 Impact
If interested fill out the questionaire

Enter here for the Blind Veterans Radio Station

Enter here for The Blind Matters Radio Show

Enter here to visit Bill Kociabas Fitness Site

Enter here Tuesday nights from 8 to 10 eastern for Broadway Bay a internet radio show Featuring Broadway Show Tunes, and Disney songs. If you need more info, please email.

Enter here for the Microsoft Disabilities Help Desk - phone: 800 936-5900

Enter here for Apple Accessibility support Accessibility Support - Call 1-877-204-3930 for direct access to Apple representatives who are trained in providing support

Enter here for Applevis (for all things Apple)

  Enter here for MacForTheBlind

Enter here for Android Access (online community)

Enter here for the JAWS Technical Support Page
  Freedom Scientific offers free technical support to its US customers by calling 727-803-8600 weekdays between 8:30 AM and 7:00 PM EST, or by sending email to
Enter here to Use our dealer locator to find the JAWS dealer serving your area.
  Enter here for information about JAWS user forum discussion groups.

Enter here for Window-Eyes Online Support (including knowledge base and mailing lists)

Enter here for NVDA site
Enter here to send a blank e mail that will subscribe you to the NVDA users’ mailing List.

AI Squared
Zoomtext and Window-Eyes
phone: (802) 362-3612

Chicago Lighthouse Help desk
screen readers including NVDA, Daisy book players, notetakers
phone: (888) 825-0080

Humanware phone: (800) 722-3393

Enter here for Verizon Wireless accessibility support
  Help for consumers with disabilities(888) 262- 1999

Enter here for AT&T Accessibility and Disability Services phone: (866) 241-6568

  Enter here for Information for Sprint customers who are blind or visually impaired

Enter here for American Printing House for the Blind (Bookport Plus) phone: (800) 223-1839

Enter here for Comcast Accessibility Support Enter here for support for Accessible TV for the Visually Impaired from Comcast email phone 855-270-0379

Enter here for Freelists (various discussion groups or mailing lists)

  Enter here for Yahoo Groups (mailing lists)

  Enter here for Google Groups (mailing lists)

  Enter here for The Microsoft Community for help with Windows, Office and other Microsoft products

Enter here for the Access Technology Institute (to purchase training textbooks and online training classes)

  All Hotkeys Keyboard Shortcuts

KeyXL keyboard shortcut lists

  Shortcut World hotkey lists

  Enter here for the Blind Geek Zone

Enter here for VIP conduit
voice Chat with others online

  Enter here for For the People
Another voice-chat site, may be a good resource for online help

Enter here for Accessible World
Offers various conferences online, including Tek Talk where products are demonstrated

  Enter here for Adaptive Information Systems Incorporated
Adaptive Information Systems Incorporated
1611 Clover Lane
Janesville WI, 53545-1388
Toll Free: (877) 792 4768
International: +1 (608) 758 0933
Fax: +1 (608) 758 7898
There is a link to send email on the home page.

Enter here for directions for meTM. Welcome to directions for meTM, your one stop source for accessible packaging information. Directions provides the information that’s on consumer packages or labels in a simple online format for anyone who has trouble reading the small print including people who are blind or visually impaired.